"Leeanne is a quick study with a broad skill. She has:

  • An ability to find the essence of personal conversations and then construct a sensitive and relevant story.
  • As an excellent photographer, she utilizes existing photographs and new materials in a very artistic way.
  • Kept to timelines and budget.
  • Excellent execution of the English language in a beautiful and artful manner.
  • Commitment to completion of a project with the highest quality outcome.

I offer my strongest endorsement."

                                        ~ William A. Reed, MD, The Pulse of Hope

"Leeanne Seaver changed my life. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience working with her, and truly hope that you will be open to giving yourself the opportunity you deserve to have your project completed above and beyond your expectations. I am already thinking about future projects and there is no doubt in my mind who I will turn to for the future books that I plan to write and publish."

~ Julie L. Wei, MD, author

A Healthier Wei: Reclaiming Health for Misdiagnosed & Over-Medicated Children

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"I have had a lot of experience with production teams, and working with Leeanne of Seaver Creative was by far the best of those experiences. I learned a great deal from her about crafting a product in a way that optimized our efforts to tell a compelling story. As a producer, she developed outstanding vision and credible scripts to guide the work. Each product was outstanding in quality. I found her to be the quintessential collaborator and professional."

                         ~ Mary Pat Moeller, PhD

                         BoysTown National Research Hospital

Once upon a time, you channeled a ghostwriter . . . she made your dream real.

If you’re a Steinbeck or Tretheway, you don’t need me, but your book just might. I’m a ghostwriter and you’re someone with a story inside you who needs some help getting it written. That’s where I come in . . . maybe “midwife” is a better word for what I do, but if you GTS you won’t find me under “midwife,” so let’s just stay with ghostwriter. It’s apt. I’m completely transparent to your readers. I don’t need co-author credit on the cover (I have my own writing to do under my own name) and I’m very good at channeling your “voice” so your book reads like You want to sound.