Leeanne is, to me, much like a sculptor. Underneath the rough

layers of my long-winded prose was a much better writer.

Leeanne carefully and gently chipped away at that outer layer to

reveal the story-teller below. My writing became crisper, clearer,

and more purposeful. And I never felt berated, belittled or

embarrassed. Try as I might, I could never find fault with her

criticism and her suggestions were always on the mark, which is

maddening, of course. Every time I sat upon my high horse

Leeanne exposed the puny pony I was atop. In a very nice way.

It is a rarity to find someone who can both find fault and suggest

remedies. We all know the critic who offers nothing better.

Leeanne supplies thoughtful criticism and insightful suggestions.

She took care with my work. She honored the time and energy

I had spent, and she never diminished the pride I had in my writing.

But she showed me where it could be better. That is a powerful


~ David Bland, Author, Smudge: The Narrative Economics of

Indian Country, Washington DC, 10 July 2018

Leeanne Seaver



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YES, I co-founded Hands & Voices--now the largest non-profit organization of its kind supporting families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing in North America. It all started years ago over coffee at my kitchen table with a few like-minded parents who wanted more for their deaf children than the world was willing to give. When I resigned as Executive Director in 2012, Hands & Voices created an award to be given annually and named it after me. I was so moved by this gesture that I could hardly speak . . . and I now I get to feel like that each year when I present it to the new winner of The Seaver Vision Award.

Leeanne Seaver was a joy to work with but more importantly she became connected to the story about my mom and portrayed the character, relationships, and life of my mom through her research and words as if she had known her for years.  As an author, I am sure it is normal to become very invested in your work but the ease with which Leeanne become a part of our circle and expressed my mom's passion and heart put any concerns we may have had in finding a capable person to tell this story to rest. 

I will always be grateful to her for the work she put into this book and the compassion she showed for a wonderful life that needed to be shared.  Thank you, Leeanne!  - Debbie Allen on Becoming Marjorie, The Life & Legacy of Marjorie Powell Allen